DR Zen - Interlude 5
28th Mar 2023, 4:00 AM in The Capital
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DR Zen - Interlude 5
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Author Notes:
Oh, sorry about this being late. The change in time zones from Australia to Sri Lanka plus being on the move in Sri Lanka as well as spotty Internet connections at times when our home Internet mysteriously slowed down for a while all threw me!

As promised, a short special feature set in the Dark Reflections: Zen universe continues, where we finally get to catch up with this version of Typh for the first time in a while!

Art by Ale+Team


Pages 1 to 44 are here!

If you want to see up to Page 127 as of the time of writing now, they're all available at the Exiern Patreon $1 tier (not payable until the end of the month).

Alternate version of the story from Page 45 over at Dark Reflections: Chaos!