DR Zen - Interlude 2
7th Mar 2023, 12:00 AM in The Capital
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DR Zen - Interlude 2
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Author Notes:
Set this one up to post while still in Japan but I should be back in Australia when it actually posts.

As promised, a short special feature set in the Dark Reflections: Zen universe continues, where we finally get to catch up with this version of Typh for the first time in a while!

Art by Ale+Team


Pages 1 to 44 are here!

If you want to see up to Page 127 as of the time of writing now, they're all available at the Exiern Patreon $1 tier (not payable until the end of the month).

Alternate version of the story from Page 45 over at Dark Reflections: Chaos!
User comments:
Thorfinn (Guest)
Beautiful forestscape (is that a word?)